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Terms and Conditions


  Booking means the period for which you have paid to stay at the Property which is a home business
  Property means house land and all its fixtures, fittings and equipment.
  Management” means the owners and managers of the Property.
"Guests means the persons who stay overnight in the Property during the Booking.
"Visitor" means a person a Guest permits to visit the Property during the Booking.

• Confirmation of this booking  constitutes complete and total acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as mentioned on your booking confirmation.

• Check-in time is not before 3 pm on the arrival date and check out time is not later than 10 am on departure date.
• Late departure is subject to prior arrangement and availability and extra charges may apply (please enquire).
• You must provide a contact address and mobile contact number when you confirm the booking.
• Check-in/check-out and key collection/return  and directions to the property  will be sent to you on confirmation of the booking :-


• A minimum deposit of  50%  or full amount 

(depending on duration of stay and time of booking - specific requirements will be sent with confirmation email),

  payment must be received within 24 hrs of confirmation being sent by us

 If a payment is mot made within the required time period after the Booking is taken by Management the confirmation will   be made void and another enquiry will be required by the guest to ensure dates are still available.

 We will not be held responsible if dates are not available and another booking taken after this 24 hr period
 Bookings are not confirmed unless and until this deposit is received.
• Payment in full must be received on arrival date if we are able to meet you at checkin

 or  a week prior to arrival date if we cannot be there to meet you on the date of checkin   

 (specific details for your booking will be given to you on confirmation email ).
• Payments of the amount due must be received in Australian $net of any bank or other transaction charges.
• Please ensure payments are made within the specified time limits or the Booking will be cancelled automatically without    notice or liability to you.
    We accept payment via our bank account a week prior to arrival date .
• Personal cheques will be accepted if received at least 30 days prior to arrival.


• If you wish to vary or cancel your Booking, please contact us immediately on 0418105543
changes by email will not be accepted (sometimes they go missing and we do not receive them)
The sooner we receive your cancellation the easier it is to get a replacement booking

– which means you may only be charged $100 admin/ relisting fees ( see full details below )


Cancellation or dates changed anytime from payment of the deposit up to 21 days prior to check in -
deposit of 50% will not be refunded unless we are able to get another booking for the same dates and of equal value
if this is the case only $100 admin fee will be charged. ( sorry no exceptions )


If a booking is cancelled or dates changed up to 21 days prior to check in date -

Deposit of 50% - is non refundable. ( Sorry no exceptions )

Cancellation of a booking within 14 day period of checkin date - full amount of booking is payable
Changes to dates are not permitted during this period - it will be treated as a cancellation  ( sorry no exceptions )
•Management will take no responsibility for cancellations by the tenant due

to road, weather or transport conditions, electrical, gas outages,sickness or any
other event outside of its direct control. This also includes personal
issues experienced by the tenant. ( sorry no execptions)

• Should you be eligible for a refund of the balance it will be made through your chosen payment method at time of Booking.

•A variation of the Booking which reduces the number of nights from day of booking  up to arrival date

will be a treated as a cancellation of the Booking in respect of those nights.
• We have a minimum nights stay policy of 2 nights. No refund will be made for a variation to the extent that it breaches our minimum nights stay policy.


if the house is not left similar to the state it was at checkin with dishes washed and put away / furniture and household items replaced to their original positions etc...  a minimum cleaning fee of $50 or more depending on the amount of time it takes for additional cleaning will apply and will be deducted from the bond and any remaining balance will be paid to your account after departure and property inspection.

Smoking is not permitted inside - a deodorising fee of $150 will  be charged if smoke is detected.

• If the Property becomes unavailable for your occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. fire, storm, damage, etc) will inform you immediately - any moneys paid will be refunded in full.
Management reserves the right to cancel any confirmed booking prior checkin date
- If management does cancel a booking any deposit paid by the guest will be refunded in full.
In the event of a storm or weather conditions that result in power outage - guests already staying at the cottage will not
be compensated or refunded any money paid. There is a gas cooker , log fire for heating,  alternative lighting plus many books
and a radio to keep guests comfortable until power is returned to normal.

• Either Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited. – if you plan on having any visitors other than those confirmed on your booking you must get permission from us prior to your arrival giving number of guests and ages of any children.
• We supply linen, pillows, blankets and towels which must be left where supplied in the bedrooms or bath room on departure.

10. PETS (CONDITIONS APPLY - 1 dog maximum  (possibility of 2 small dogs please enquire) – must be well behaved,  not aggressive or dangerous 
All dogs must be on a leash when walking thru paddocks near cows and horses - some are quite old and unable to run away if they are chased or dogs try to play with them. 
This can cause stress and serious injury to them - and if approached from behind they may kick causing possible injury to your pet. We accept no responsibility for your pet while it is on our property or neighbouring properties.
Owners must pick up after their pets before departure and put rubbish in bins provided
any damage to furniture or property caused by pets will be charged back to the owner – please advise us before departure so we can have it repaired before the arrival of the next guests.
We have doggie doors/bowls/bed/toys they can use during their holiday.
We do hot have ticks at Kookawood – (not to our knowledge we have never found one on our pets)
For the comfort /health and safety of future guests and their pets all dogs must be treated for fleas before arrival.
Owners of dogs that shed hair are required to use the vacuum provided to remove any pet hair from the carpets / floors.
Do not leave dogs at the house unattended if they are likley to bark  - constant barking will not be tolerated
( we do understand that they do bark occasionally and that is fine) If your pet is likely to bark while you are out please take them with you.
Do not leave dogs alone locked inside the house if there is a chance they will scratch doors and screens
Linen / blankets at the house are for human use only – please bring your own doggie blanket or sheets if you think they may jump on furniture.
Pet cleaning fee of $50  will be charged if dirty paw prints or pet hair are found on linen and furniture
Our pond water feature is covered with bird mesh which is easily damaged if your dog jumps in the pond cost to replace net if there is either a small or large hold in it will be chaged back to the owner $70
( please keep dogs out of the water feature as it is not an not easy job to replace )

• You must comply with all applicable House Rules and all instructions from Management and the caretakers of the Property concerning
  occupancy, property, health, safety and quiet enjoyment of the Property .
• You are responsible for damage, breakages, theft and loss of the Property and any part of it during your stay. You must notify us of this immediately
  Management will recover costs from you if repairs or replacement of damaged item/s are required.
 and will be charged at full replacement cost of that item.
• Only the guests nominated and agreed in the Booking may stay in the Property over night.
If any other guests stay extra charges will apply .
• Before departure,  all rubbish put in the appropriate  rubbish bins provided, and crockery and cutlery washed and packed away. The Property must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
• Extra cleaning charges may be incurred for the cleaning of dirty dishes, washing machine, dishwasher, emptying the fridge,removal of excessive rubbish etc.
• All furniture and furnishings must be left in the position they were in when you arrived
• The property should be vacated on time .
• You are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement keys. Loss of keys - replacement cost of cutting new set of keys
• Smoking is not permitted inside the Property

In the case of any problem or complaint, you must inform Management at the earliest opportunity so Management has the chance to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.You must allow repair/service access to the   property during reasonable hours.
Any complaint, which cannot be resolved locally, must be notified in writing to Management prior to departure from the Property.
Failure to follow this procedure this may hinder the ability of Management to rectify the problem or complaint and reduce or extinguish any claim you may have.

13. Liability and Insurance / Assurances
All visitors/guests are recommended to arrange their own holiday insurance, including medical cover as required. The owners can accept no responsibility for accidents. The owners of Kookawood  will not accept any liability for any loss, injury or damage of any nature however sustained to or by any person in the course of their occupation of the property and the land belonging adjacent thereto as a result of the occupation of that property or any activity carried out in the course of such occupation however sustained, such activity and occupation are carried out at the individual's own risk.
The tenant accepts full responsibility and agrees to indemnify the owner  for any injury or death to themselves, guests, animals or any other  person on the property during the term of their booking.