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night time walksExpect to see wildlife just outside the front door, with Kangaroos dining on the lawn - early morning and late afternoon

Wild ducks regularly visit the dam and pond right next to the house






Other friendly creatures you are likley to see include micro bats, wombats, echidnas, frogs, lizards, lots of birds.



Our farm animals are pets and have been hand raised 3 cows - Boo , Bella and minature Scarlett

2 horses - Bobby and minature ponies Billy & Bunny









Please do not bring Dangerous or agressive dogs

Your dog must be on leash - when near farm animals .

Kookawood  has a fully fenced large backyard

doggie doors front and rear of the house are suitable for small to medium size dogs. (fencing may not be suitable for dogs that can jump over or dig under it )

We do ask that owners of dogs that shed hair to please use the vaccum before departure.

Please do not leave your dog alone at the house if it is going to bark constantly or scratch doors and damage furniture.

-  We have a great list of pet friendly cafe's and restaurants at the house so you can take them with you on day trips.

Please read terms and conditions of stay in regard to pets stay.


can I come too !gazing out over the dam